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The Quest for Rabbit Mountain

All furballs and friends Welcome

27 January 1987
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Goldie is a 23 year old hermit-girl, obsessed with drawing, obsessed with making things and obsessed with getting better.

Her soul is currently ravaged with excitement at the moment by energies, the noosphere and Pierre de Chardin. She believes in the pulse of life and energy. In some ways, she would say she is pagan, but she hates labels. She likes Buddhist and Indian thought as well. She likes awareness, she likes breathing in and out and feeling real. She believes in spirit, she feels it in bits and pieces .

She works as a studio artist in the Philippines. She dreams of a better life for her country. She hopes one day she will create work that will inspire, heal and improve her community.

She loves lovely things like dresses, flowers, lace, contrasting colors, sometimes muted patterns (but hey, i gets its all in the mood). She decided she wanted to become an artist when she was 12 and she saw Sandro Boticelli's the Birth of Venus. She stared at it for one hour but it wasn't enough.

She likes elegance.

But when she paints, she sometimes cannot achieve it because there is still something in her soul that has to be freed. An aggression that takes over her hands.

Her favorite art mediums are oil painting, pencils ,clay, glass blowing and perfumery.

She believes in magic.